Yahya Imran is a crypto trader and blockchain content creator. He was a Campus Ambassador for FTX Africa and worked as a video content creator in the content Department of FTX Africa. He is a professional Video Editor and Video animator. He is the founder of Coinsplug.

Decentralized finance (DeFi): what is it, and how does it work?

DeFi was coined in the year 2018 by an entrepreneurial group as well as Ethereum developers who wanted to allow applications for finance that are not available in traditional systems.

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Definder Announces the Launch of DF Platform to Fund businesses and Startups

The market is predicted to be around 28.2 (USD billion) in 2028, and the crowdfunding market is predicted to expand exponentially. Despite the growing interest of the public in funding

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Japan to invest in metaverse and NFTs to help drive the implementation of Web3 services

Japan’s Prime Minister Fumio Kishhida made public plans to increase investments in the Metaverse as well as NFTs in a public policy address he delivered prior to Japan’s National Diet

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Scott Eastwood teams up with Pastel Network to give out free NFTs

Hollywood actor Scott Eastwood has announced that the actor is joining forces along with Pastel Network to give out free NFTs to traders who trade in the market. In an

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