Guinness World Records.

Bitcoin has entered the list of Guinness World Records.

Bitcoin can be found in the list of Guinness World Records for a number of listings. The book declares that Bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, the oldest active cryptocurrency, the first blockchain, the first blockchain.

On the official Guinness World Records website, searching “Bitcoin” can produce a large amount of information about the world’s largest cryptocurrency, including when it was created, when the first Bitcoin transaction took place, how El Salvador became the first country to make BTC legal tender, etc.

However, some of these statements aren’t contested by Guinness. For instance, in the way it validates transactions. According to Guinness, Bitcoin utilizes a proof of work consensus mechanism, and this is correct, but it also notes that the miner functions as a validator.

Guinness doesn’t mention the function of a node is validating transactions, but miners perform a separate task, which is organizing data and producing new blocks, which nodes cannot do. Despite this, it’s interesting to see Bitcoin in the Guinness Book of World Records as digital currency, which is the first in many regards.

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