Cobie, a popular Crypto Podcaster, criticizes Binance and FTX for Listing Aptos

Cobie, a popular Crypto Podcaster, criticizes Binance and FTX for Listing Aptos

Cobie, the host of the crypto podcast UpOnly, has accused FTX and Binance of supporting Aptos (a Layer-1 blockchain) without first outlining its tokenomics details. Aptos, a fully functioning Layer 1 blockchain, was released on the mainnet on October 17.

It’s not great that FTX/Binance etc are all listing Aptos without any tokenomics transparency at all. Surely it should be a prerequisite to listing something that users can have the basic information on what they’re buying, lol.


Based on Cobie’s image, Aptos has launched its tokens, but it is unable to disclose the tokenomics of its users, including the emission timeline and the all the supply on Aptos’ blockchain. Aptos blockchain. While the blockchain successfully completed the “genesis transaction” on October 12th but its infrastructure was bit behind.

The official FTX account stated that it would be listing Aptos APT tokens starting the 19th of October. Aptos was the concept from a group of ex Meta employees, along with other prominent investors like Tiger Global, Katie Haun, Multicoin Capital, FTX Ventures, Coinbase Ventures, Binance Labs, and PayPal Ventures who have offered to help finance the project.

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