El Salvador President Called U.S. Fed Immoral

El Salvador President Called U.S. Fed Immoral

After a long time, pro-Bitcoin Salvador President Nayib Bukele held an interview with Tucker Carlson of Fox News. Under the Bukele administration, the LAtAM nation has made Bitcoin an official currency last year.

Since then, the Latin American country has been collecting Bitcoin in its Treasury. During his latest interview with the president, Bukele attacked the U.S. Federal Reserve, calling it imprudent. He also claimed that his U.S. Central Bank deprived the average person of his wealth.

“The Federal Reserve is nothing federal and has no reserves. They rob you from your wealth and from your savings and that’s immoral. It’s not only immoral but it also destroys some basic economic principles like saving.”

El Salvador has been criticized by governments and leading organizations such as the IMF for adopting Bitcoin as a legal tender, and they have also been criticized for developing Bitcoin bonds and working on a Bitcoin city.

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