joining forces along with Pastel Network

Scott Eastwood teams up with Pastel Network to give out free NFTs

Hollywood actor Scott Eastwood has announced that the actor is joining forces along with Pastel Network to give out free NFTs to traders who trade in the market. In an interview, the famous actor revealed the offer while noting that he’s skeptical of the crypto industry. In his interview, Eastwood mentioned that he is cautious about the cryptocurrency industry due to the numerous ways that traders could quickly lose their money and assets to fraudsters.

Users must finish the Eastwood challenge to be eligible for the prize.

In addition to performing, Eastwood is presently one of the major stockholders of an American beer firm, MadeHere. Eastwood has stated that in the coming three months, he will make three NFTs. One NFT would be one of the pop culture-themed digital artwork by Eastwood. The artist is renowned Paul Gerben who has worked with many well-known figures in the NFT industry from the film and music industry. It is expected that the NFT is expected to see the leading actor play a variety of characters of comic heroes like The Flash, Wolverine, and more.

In his announcement in his statement, the Hollywood star stated that the winner who is the winner of the NFT will be able to enjoy advantages such as a signed gift from the star of the film and an invitation to attend the premiere of his upcoming film. In the event of a second winner, the winners of that NFT will also be able to win at the exact prize but with the possibility of a donation to any veteran-related charity. To be eligible, individuals need to drink a glass of beer and write about their favorite charity, without bursting on TikTok. After they have done this, Pastel will make a substantial gift to the cause. If a user vomits before the conclusion of the text, the transaction is considered a loss.

The Hollywood star isn’t completely convinced about the crypto industry

The Hollywood star has been in numerous blockbuster films in the past few years including Suicide Squad and Pacific Rim being among them. He said that he wasn’t convinced enough to consider making an attempt to enter the cryptocurrency market. He did say that he’s making an effort to comprehend the market more thoroughly since the market is now a familiar place in this NFT sector.

As much as anything else in the cryptocurrency market, NFTs have been the cause of so many controversies among artists and traders throughout the industry. While many famous film and music celebrities have embraced some or all of these, they were not without controversy. But, The Hollywood star mentioned that he’s currently convinced of the market and is planning to join with the network to promote his work.

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