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South Korean Authorities Move Forward With The Plan To Invalidate Do Kwon Passport


In a fresh public notice released from South Korean authorities, Do Kwon has been given 14 days to return his passport and visa to the Ministry. If Kwon does not comply with the latest notice issued authorities could soon proceed to revoke his passport and force him to leave the country. Terraform Labs founder to return to his home country.

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs is intensifying its efforts to pursue Do Kwon. The authorities recently published an announcement posted on the website declaring that they’ll soon cancel Kwon’s passport in the event that he fails to return the passport within the 14-day period.

“We inform you that the validity of your passports will be invalidated and administratively invalidated.”

The authorities also stated that the notice was released to the public due to the “inability to issue the return of passport order.” Notice also provided additional details in an attached PDF document, informing that the decision could create problems for Kwon should he ever apply for a new travel document in the near term.

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