Robert Kiyosaki

The Author of “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” Now Prefers Bitcoin to Real-Estate

Robert Kiyosaki, famous for earning a fortune from real estate investments during the 90s and in the 2008 mortgage crisis and the author of the bestselling “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” book on financial matters, has made a post on Twitter to declare that he’s stepping off investing in real estate and instead opts to invest in Bitcoin

Kiyosaki said that he prefers Bitcoin and the most precious metals, silver and gold – more than real estate, and he recommends that to Twitter followers. The reasons for this, as per the tweet, is explained in his book, which was released in 2020. Its title refers to the top cryptocurrency, “Capitalist Manifesto: Money for Nothing – Silver, Gold, and Bitcoin.”

In the book, in which he reminded his followers of the fact that investing in real estate has become more challenging after 2020, when the newly-elected US government plans to increase taxes on properties, as well as establish rent control. Additionally, he noted that the increase in interest rates which have been frequent this year will reduce the value of real estate properties.

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